Sunday, 18 March 2012


Welcome to the Showtime Stitches blog!

I've loved textiles and handmade crafts for a long time now, and I thought it was finally time I started making my own. As a costume-designer-in-training I am constantly inspired by performance and spectacle - dance, theatre, film...

In this blog, I'll be documenting the process of designing and making handmade goods for Showtime Stitches, as well as posting about things that inspire and interest me in the world of textiles and performance.

Showtime Stitches is a small online business, selling handmade goods inspired by all elements of performance, from circus to ballet. I'll be selling bags, purses, keyrings amongst other things, at my Etsy shop, available here .

I hope you enjoy reading this blog, have a look at my shop if you have time too!

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