Saturday, 14 April 2012

Costume at Sands Film Studios - The Guardian

I came across this feature on the Guardian website, it's an audio slideshow on the costume department of Sands Film Studios, a company in South London. Sands created the costumes for Little Dorrit (1988) and Bright Star (2009) and are currently working on Les Miserables. They are also preparing for an exhibition of their costumes - I can't wait to see that!

See the full slideshow on the Guardian website - A Costume Drama at Sands Film Studios

Sands looks like an incredibly inspiring place to work for anyone in to costume making. I loved their costumes in Bright Star - I spent most of the time watching the clothes in that film rather than paying attention to the narrative! I especially liked the purple dress that Fanny wears when she's in the bluebell woods. That scene was so beautiful, as was the scene with the butterflies in the bedroom - so magical!

(Photos from the slideshow on the Guardian website - link above)

To learn more about the life of a Costume Designer and Wardrobe Manager, read my post about Hannah Lobelson from the Globe Theatre - here

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