Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Printing Tutorial 1 - Make your own silk-screen for under £5

Screens for printing can be expensive, but by making your own you can save a lot of money! I've made one for under £5, and here's how...

What you will need:

An old, wooden frame (£1 from a charity shop)
A piece of netting/gauze fabric (£1 from scrap bucket at Linen Direct)
A stapler and staples (£1 from Poundland)
Duct tape/water-resistant tape (£1 from Poundland)

Remember, many of these things you might already have at home, others can easily be found at Pound shops or charity shops - specialist equipment is never necessary!

Step 1

Remove the backing/glass from your frame, as well as any attachments on the back.
Cut your fabric a few centimetres wider than your frame.

Step 2

Using a stapler to fasten the fabric to the frame. Start with a staple in the middle of one edge, then stretch the fabric until it is a tight as possible and staple opposite. Keep going until the fabric is taut over the frame like a drum.

Step 3

If needed, use a hammer to flatten the staples - the surface needs to be as flat as possible.

Step 4

Cover the frame and fabric edges with duct tape to protect the wood. And there you go - a screen ready to use for printing!

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  1. What do you do with it after step 4

    1. Hello! You can use it as an open screen, printing with paper/card stencils, or you can fill the screen with an image to print over and over again. Let me know what you create with it! x

  2. um do you have to use that photoexposion or something like that? can you make like a youtube video that explains everything or show us?

  3. Hola Megan , gracias por tus aportes.