Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Work Experience Advice Week - Day 3

It's Day 3 of 'Work Experience Advice Week'! Today, the topic is....

Lingo to Learn - key words you might need to know
Backstage at the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

WARDROBE - costume department

COSTUME PLOT - scene-by-scene breakdown of costumes for each character

DRESS REHEARSAL - Run through of whole show in costume

DRESS PARADE - costumes are worn and actors walk on stage so that wardrobe can check that everything looks correct

TECH RUN - A run of the show to test sound and light set-ups

QUICK CHANGE - Costume change in the wings, between scenes

DRESSER - person working in wardrobe responsible for helping people into their costumes, handling them during a performance

WINGS - off stage to the sides

SET COSTUMES - putting costumes ready, in place e.g. in the wings for a quick change

RAT RUN - narrow passage at the back of the stage for stage crew to walk from right to left

EXIT - where the actor comes off stage

THE GET-IN - moving sets, costumes, props into the theatre/studio

STANDBY - ready for checks/adjustments on make-up and costume before filming

BOOK - script

PROPS - objects used on stage, separate from costumes

I'll be adding more to this list regularly - do you have any suggestions? Write them in the comments!

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