Thursday, 10 May 2012

Work Experience Advice Week - Day 4

Work Experience Advice Week, Day 4!

What do I need to take with me to work as a wardrobe assistant?

Here's my list of essentials to take to work in wardrobe....

1. A large bag with pockets
2. Sewing kit
3. Water
4. Energy boosting snacks
5. A smart-phone with internet access
6. Change
7. Travel card
8. Notebook and pens

As a wardrobe assistant, you won't usually need a big sewing kit. Here's one with the necessities...

1. Medium-sized purse
2. Pins
3. Sharp scissors
4. Velcro
5. Threads - black, white
6. Safety pins
7. Unpicker
8. Needles
9. Press studs
10. Tape measure

What do you think is invaluable to have with you when working in wardrobe? Share in the comments!


  1. I just found your blog! Thanks for sharing the essentials for your work. I dabbled in costume design in our community theatre too. This list is going to be really handy! Thanks!

    1. Welcome Lovenicky! Glad you found this post interesting! x