Friday, 11 May 2012

Work Experience Advice Week - Day 5

Day 5! Only a couple of days of Work Experience Advice Week left already! Today I'm sharing my tips on how to be a good work experience wardrobe assistant:

For anyone interested in a career in costume for theatre, it's best to get experience as an assistant or dresser in amateur dramatics. Usually these wardrobe teams are quite small, so here is how you can make the workload easier for everyone...

- Ask if anything needs to be done, rather than waiting to be given a job
- Be enthusiastic and positive
- Organise and write everything down - lists, lists, lists!
- Try your best to remember names
- Be active - move around, go from dressing room to dressing room if needed
- Speak confidently and be sure of yourself
- Learn to sew quickly - getting things down fast is of utmost importance in theatre
- Offer to help with quick changes etc.
- Keep the wardrobe area tidy and as clear as possible
- When working with young or less experienced people, label costumes kept on rails together, with labels on hangers.
- Keep others in your team informed of what you are doing

A page from my work experience diary - wardrobe assistant on Harry Hill's TV Burp, ITV

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