Sunday, 13 May 2012

Work Experience Advice Week - Day 7

It's Day 7, the last day of Work Experience Advice Week. So in keeping with the theme of endings, today's topic is...

What do I do now that my work experience is over?

- If you haven't already, write down what you did and learnt in a work experience diary 

- Say thank you to the company who have taken you on  - send them a card, email or give them a small gift - keep up a good reputation and you might be invited back one day!

(Lovely, uniquely designed Thank You notecards from Almond Craft and a cute Notebook from Cabin Dreams)

- Let them know if you are interested in working with them again in the future, perhaps on a longer placement

- Try to keep in touch with your supervisor/manager as professional contacts in the industry will come in very useful when looking for a proper job

- Ask if you could use your work experience director as a reference for future job applications. Also, ask if they could write you a short letter that you could show to interviewers at other companies

- Follow up on what you have learnt - go to events, talks, exhibitions and enhance your learning further

- Keep an eye out for any more experience opportunities, and have them ready for when you next want some experience - possibly using the contacts that you made during your first work experience?

I hope that you've enjoyed reading my advice on doing work experience, and that it comes in useful to you all.

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