Friday, 29 June 2012

Ballet by Christian Lacroix

Oh mon dieu!!!

Christian Lacroix's exquisite ballet costumes are being exhibited at 'Le Centre national du costume de scène', in Moulins, France!

Fashion designer turned costume designer Lacriox created these incredible ballet costumes for 'La Source', performed in Autumn 2011 at 'L'Opera nationale de Paris'. The fantasy and folk-lore theme of the ballet, which tells the story of Naila, a water spirit, sacrificed for the love of a hunter, Djemil and Nouredda, is reflected through the oriental influences and natural colour schemes. Lacroix used soft, flowing tulle fabric, adding an extra dazzling element with Swarovski crystal embellishments.

The exhibition offers costume-lovers a chance to really explore and understand the entire process of creating such a collection of costumes. Room by room, CNCS have displayed Lacroix's inspiration (photos, sketches, historical clothing items) as well as recounting the development process. There are fabric samples, video interviews and reports on all aspects from costumes fittings to make-up design.

 I wanted to give the impression that these costumes, as well as the ballet, had come out of a long sleep with their freshness and memories, and, in addition to have the rustic aspects contrast with the opulence of the brocades, ornaments and jewels.” - Lacroix

Lacroix's design sketches are just as compelling as the final costumes - I'll be posting a collection of them soon!

All in all, the exhibition is set to be a comprehensive look at these incredibly beautiful costumes. I really really really have to find a way to see this - although it is in Moulins, in the middle of France...why does my family have to live in the North of France? WHY?!

It's on until 31 December though, and if I  really don't get to visit in time, I'm finding a way to order the exhibition catalogue! To read more about this amazing exhibition, go to the CNCS website .

And if anyone has seen this, or is planning to go, please let me know what it's like!

(Photos from CNCS website and MyFDB Blog)

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