Sunday, 10 June 2012

Fashion Illustration at the Fashion Space Gallery

Fashion illustrations, much like costume drawings, are creative and unique representations of clothes, conveying a sense of character or personality.

This summer, the Fashion Space Gallery just off Oxford Street in London are hosting an exhibition of fashion illustration. Go Figure: New Fashion Illustration presents work by many artists from around the world.

Sabine Pieper
Lesley Barnes, Antonio Berardi
Featuring over sixty works from 13 artists, this exhibition is a great insight into up-and-coming new talent in the industry. It is clear that each artist has a very individual approach to their work, so pieces on display will be varied and offer an incredible source of inspiration for fashion, illustration and textile students. For costumers, looking at all types of illustration can inform and inspire us when it comes to sketching characters drawings.

I'm especially looking forward to seeing how these illustrators use texture in their work. In costume illustrations, it is important to convey how a garment will look after production (What type of fabric is used? Will it have a texture?). The works shown here use fabric samples, or natural shapes/textures to recreate the folds of fabric, for example. Combined with pencil drawing, these samples of texture and colour stand out to maximum effect. They create very striking and successful fashion illustrations.

Go Figure: New Fashion Illustration runs until 14th July 2012 at the Fashion Space Gallery at London College of Fashion. See their website for more information: here.

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