Sunday, 22 July 2012

Yinka Shonibare at the Royal Opera House

Photo by Sim Canetty-Clarke
As part of the 2012 Up Project, the Royal Opera House in London commissioned a piece of work by artist Yinka Shonibare, MBE: 'Globe Head Ballerina' is now on display at the Opera House in Covent Garden, and will remain there until June 2017. Until recently, Shonibare also had one of his piece on the Fourth PLinth at Trafalgar Square - 'Nelson's Ship In A Bottle'.

Shonibare is famous for his installations and textile works questioning the idea of identity and heritage. He uses African-print fabrics, that have been produced, ironically, using Dutch printing methods, then sold in London markets, to create 18th-19th Century traditional English clothing modelled by headless mannequins. I did a lot of research in my A2 art coursework last year at school on Shonibare and his work. He is particularly interesting for people interested in costume as he uses clothing as his principal art-form, as well as using fabric symbolically.

Take a look at some more of his work...

See more of Yinka Shonibare's work on his website, and if you're in London, why not go and see 'Globe Head Ballerina' at the Royal Opera House?

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