Sunday, 2 September 2012

Before the London 2012 Olympics...

(This is a guest blog post by Yolanda Shamash of NotAllAboutBoys!)

It’s patriotism gone mad on the high street!
Think back to a time before the London 2012 Olympics, and try to imagine a Union Jack. Most likely, you’re picturing a flag of some kind- outside an embassy, or in the bedroom window of a mad BNP member. It’s distasteful, right? Or maybe you’re remembering the Union Jack badges from the 1960s ‘I’m backing Britain’ campaign which aimed to improve the British economy by promoting nationalism- but then again, that brief boost to patriotism didn’t really last too long. Perhaps you’re thinking of Geri Halliwell’s famous Union Jack dress- but after millions of cheap reproductions, even that dress is considered rather retro and outdated.
Well, that was how people felt before the Olympics! Now, with the London 2012 Olympics over and Paralympic games in full swing, Britain is one massive Union Jack waving parade- and of course, fashion designers are taking huge advantage of this.
Union Jack underwear- the patriotic spirit
even extends to the bedroom!
Take high street clothes shop Topshop: in their shops there are currently over 23 Union Jack related products being sold! That’s everything from knitted jumpers, leggings, socks, sweatshirts, rucksacks, jackets, rights, bags, knickers, boxers, nail wraps- even insoles for your shoes!

It’s simply patriotism gone mad. The funny thing is, people are really getting into this ‘British and Proud’ trend.

But hey, it could be a good thing. Maybe the sheer success of this trend shows how much we, as a nation, are getting into the Olympic spirit and supporting team GB with pride?

Perhaps. And maybe this nationalism madness will last more than just a few months. But personally, I can’t see being much of a long-term craze.

I can only see this particular phase dying a very painful death within the next month or so. Most likely, as soon as the Olympics and Paralympics end, those Union Jack jumpers will be going straight into a box in the attic, alongside other fashion regrets such as Crocs and flared jeans. Within a few months the Union Jack clothing will, once again, become a craze reserved only for racists and BNP voters, and this whole embarrassing trend will be forgotten.

Oh and here’s me with my Special Edition Ryvita - clearly the trend extends to food as well!
Well now you know what I think of this whole Union Jack madness, I want to hear what you think! Maybe you own some British-themed jumpers or something similar, and you really like the trend- if so, comment below!
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  1. Slightly harsh generalisation to say that the only people who buy Union Jack-themed goods are racists and BNP voters. Personally I think that wearing a flag of any kind is pretty dumb but wearing the American flag has become a trend in recent years but we don't assume that everyone who does so is a Mitt Romney-loving neo-nazi... crazes come and go but Union Jack themed goods have been available since the Royal wedding last year and with the jubilee and olympics this year, people are just celebrating the good things about the UK without it being about what colour your skin is, which is something that isn't done nearly often enough.