Thursday, 20 September 2012

Downton Abbey Is Back!

'Downton Abbey', the much loved ITV production that made costume dramas cool again has finally returned to our screens! The first episode of Series 3 aired last Sunday, introduced us to the new post-war setting of 1920, bringing us to a time of social as well as financial change, and of course, new fashions!

As the series begins in Spring 1920, the stereotypical 20s clothing fashions have yet to catch on - only the upper classes have the means to buy these new trendy clothes! So look out for changing waist lines and rising hemlines on Mary, Edith and Sybil's costumes.

Martha Levinson, mother to the Countess of Grantham, is a modern American lady - suggested by her arrival in a state-of-the-art motor vehicle, wearing fantastic 20s-style fur coats and shift-style dresses. Lady Grantham, on the other hand, wears dresses in the last decade's styles, reminding us of her traditional British, and Victorian, upbringing.

Next Monday I will be attending a talk by the costume designer working on Downton Abbey - I'll post a few notes on here next week! To be notified when the post is published, follow Showtime Stitches on Bloglovin, or 'Like' us on Facebook.

In the meantime, catch 'Downton Abbey' on ITV 1, Sundays at 9PM.

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