Monday, 3 September 2012

The iPad as a new art medium?

(This is a guest post by Yolanda Shamash of Not All About Boys.)

David Hockney’s iPad drawing of a flower-filled vase!
All famous artists have a favourite medium with which they create their art. Van Gogh liked his oil paints, Andy Warhol was a fan of silkscreen prints, and David Hockney... uses an iPad for his art.

In his most recent exhibition at the Royal Academy, Hockney put his iPad drawings on show.
And despite some cynics claiming that it’s not really art, the exhibition was actually very popular.
Well, I figured if Hockney could do it, so could I- so I borrowed my brother’s iPad, downloaded a very simple art app, and started drawing. Here’s what I ended up with...
After downloading the app ‘Art Set’ for a very reasonable £0.69, I started out by drawing a relatively simple wine bottle using the medium of oil pastel. Shading was really easy with the colours it gave me, as there were about 10 shades of each colour, as well as some crazy neon ones thrown in for fun!

Here’s my first ever iPad drawing! Not quite a ‘Hockney’, I’ll grant you, but I thought it was good for a first attempt!
And here’s my second attempt. I call it... RED LAMP!
This time I used the medium of paint, which was much easier to use. I enjoyed doing this one much more, as I preferred the look of the brush strokes- very free and loose, which gives it quite a cute style, I think.
Also, it was really fun to experiment with the strokes that make. Actually, this is one of the biggest reasons that Hockney has started using iPads in his art- he can get a different artistic effect when he uses his left hand to paint on iPad than when he uses his right!
I got quite into using the paint medium in the app, so my next drawing was this candle stick in paint. I’m most proud of this one, because I really liked the shading, which I created by swiping the iPad screen in thin, defined strokes, and I think that made it look quite 3D.
I most loved the simplicity of the drawing on the iPad. It’s art, but with no mess! No cleaning up, it’s easy to erase mistakes, and it’s actually very satisfying to draw something you’re proud of!
In short, I’ve completely fallen for getting arty on the iPad! It’s definitely an art form that’s here to stay, and I’m definitely going to keep on doing my little ‘Art Set’ paintings!
I’ve really enjoyed guest blogging for Megan - sadly, this is my last blog post on Showtime Stitches! However, if you’d like to read more from me, check out my blog Not All About Boys!

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