Saturday, 6 October 2012

The National Art Library at the V&A Museum

I've only been at university for a week and already we have two projects on the go - both needing lots and lots of research! Today I used the National Art Library at the V&A Museum for the first time, and I wanted to share with you all how easy to access and useful it is!

The National Art Gallery is a free, public reference library specialising in decorative and fine art. Anyone can sign up to become a reader (here's a link to tell you how). Search the online catalogue to reserve books three days in advance of your visit, or request prints and special items once you are at the library - these will be collected from the store for you every hour.

The library is a wonderful place to study - it's quiet and spacious, and as each reader is allocated a seat on arrival the desks will never be overcrowded. You are allowed to photocopy and photograph pages, and look at as many books as you like each time you visit - plus, if you read about an item displayed at the museum, you can take just a few steps out of the library to see it yourself!

The V&A has a huge collection of books and periodicals to help with research on any subject. It's incredible that this free educational resource still seems to be such a secret! Visit the V&A website for more information to plan your visit!

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