Thursday, 17 January 2013

Tudor Costume - Initial Research at the V&A

I am currently working on a Tudor woman's costume for the Much Hadham Forge Museum. Here's the image of the woman I am basing it on, from a wall painting at the museum:

Photo by David Calvert, copyright Much Hadham Forge Museum
To get a better understanding of the construction of dresses c.1570s, I visited the V&A Museum. Using the British Galleries (1400-1600) and the Hollywood Costume exhibition I collected information to answer the questions I had - What did the back of the dress look like? Was it made of a seperate bodice and skirt? Or a coat-like gown over a bodice and under-skirt? What kind of fabrics and sewing techniques were used? And how about colours?

Here are scans of my sketchbook pages:

To learn more about the incredible wall paintings that are inspiring this Tudor costume, you can visit the Much Hadham Forge Museum in Hertfordshire: www.hadhammuseum.org.uk

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