Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tudor Costume Fabrics

Here are the fabrics I have chosen to make the outer layers of the Tudor costume for the Much Hadham Forge Museum!

I am going to be making the dress as it would have looked like, so I have tried to image what the wall painting would have looked like before the colours faded to what they are now.
For the bodice, I will use a beautiful red silk dupion (center). The forepart (the patterned front panel of the underskirt) will be made with the gold and off-white jaquard weave fabric (right), and the brown shot polyester on the right will be used for the gown.
Each one of these fabrics react wonderfully with the light to create plenty of depth and a really luxurious look - I can't wait to see them as garments!
To learn more about the incredible wall paintings that are inspiring this Tudor costume, you can visit the Much Hadham Forge Museum in Hertfordshire:www.hadhammuseum.org.uk

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