Sunday, 23 June 2013

Tudor Costume: Chemise

After an intense term at LCF, I am finally getting round to finishing the Tudor costume for the Much Hadham Museum, inspired by their wonderful 16th Century wall paintings (more info here).

Here are some photos of work I finished back in March but never got round to photographing!

Firstly, the chemise, the first layer of clothing. This is made of linen. In Tudor times it was believed that this fabric absorbed all the dirt on you body, so you wouldn't need to wash yourself, only your chemise (baths were not common and when they were used, they would be for medical reasons - the water infused with herbs etc.).

I designed the chemise and pattern myself, using my research from the V&A museum.
(Just a quick note...In Tudor times the chemise would have probably had long sleeves, however for this costume I've decided not to put sleeves on the chemise, as I am going to make some pretty elaborate attachable blackwork ones instead. If later on I change my mind, I can easily add some to this chemise, but that's a decision I'll make once I've finished everything else.)

To learn more about the incredible wall paintings that are inspiring this Tudor costume, you can visit the Much Hadham Forge Museum in Hertfordshire: www.hadhammuseum.org.uk

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