Thursday, 11 July 2013

Tudor Costume: Fitting the Kirtle

Here are a few photos from last week of the kirtle in progress. The kirtle is the dress that goes over the corset and farthingale, but under the gown.

It is made up of a bodice and skirt. The bodice is made of a rich red silk dupion and like the corset, this layer laces up at the back. The skirt has a gold and white jacquard fabric acting as the forepart (the heavily patterned and decorative front skirt panel popular in Tudor dress) and plain cotton for the back of the skirt, which will not be seen.

As you can see, the roll (see previous post) gives the skirt plenty of volume in contrast to the flat, corseted waist. The farthingale holds the skirt out and keeps it wide and circular at the bottom.

When the kirtle is completed it will have a pointed bodice waistline and black trim as in the wall painting:

To learn more about the incredible wall paintings that are inspiring this Tudor costume, you can visit the Much Hadham Forge Museum in Hertfordshire: www.hadhammuseum.org.uk

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