Saturday, 3 August 2013

Arts Award - Bag Printing Workshop

Last week I held a workshop as a visiting artist at the Much Hadham Forge Museum, as part of their Arts Award Week in partnership with the Arts Council and Royal Opera House Bridge. I started off by talking a little about my work as a designer/maker for Showtime Stitches and the work I do through costume, then to give the students (aged 11-16) a better idea of my creative process, we spent the rest of the day designing and printing tote bags, just as I do for the Showtime Stitches Shop.

I have been using the wall paintings at the museum as inspiration for my Tudor Costume Project for the past months, so I thought it would be interesting to do the same as a group. After collecting research through sketches and note-taking each of the 7 Arts Award 'Explorers' designed their own unique stencils to print - and I was amazed at how different every body's was, considering we had all started from the exact same inspiration!

Here are a few photos of the day and the great finished bags:

Working hard designing, cutting and filling in the Arts Award booklets!

The finished bags - all wonderfully eye-catching!
Some chose to focus their designs on images found in the paintings,
others were inspired by motifs of flowers or animals.
If you would like me to run a bag printing workshop for you, please contact me at showtimestitches @ gmail.com ! It is a fun and creative process that can be done in a short time by children and adults alike, and would make a great party activity!

Alternatively, if you would like to find about more about the Arts Award at the Hadham Museum, head over to their website.

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