Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Photoshoot - Sunset Pirouette

There are few things more creatively exciting than an impromptu photoshoot. Fifteen minutes to get an idea, grab an outfit, think of a location and start shooting - it's experimental, fun and free. Often, the photos I have taken that I am most proud of are those that were not planned at all.
Here are the results of one such photoshoot. The model is my cousin Chloé, who is lucky enough to be able to dance on pointes. She is wearing the tulle petticoat I made for Irma's costume, last term's university project. We had lots of fun dancing and jumping around this idyllic setting (admittedly, I was a little less graceful...), climbing onto plinths and window ledges to the entertainment of a few confused onlookers. Despite having just minutes of preparation time, I am in love with these photos - no doubt due to the winning combination of anything ballet related, sunset lighting and the historical country house backdrop. What could be more fun to photograph?!

(Photography by Megan Doyle, for prints or image use please contact me here)

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