Monday, 23 September 2013

In Fine Style @ The Queen's Gallery

Back in the spring when I first learnt about the "In Fine Style" exhibition on Tudor and Stuart fashion at the Queen's Gallery, I was so excited that I proclaimed I would HAVE to visit opening week, if not the opening day. With a ticket that you can use unlimited times, I would probably end up spending my summer there - it's not every day there is an exhibition dedicated to the art of dress.

An endless list of things to do and five months later, I still had not been. Frankly, that's quite embarrassing.

I finally managed to get organised and visited the exhibition last week. The exhibition opens with an introduction to Tudor style through painted portraits, alongside illustrated diagrams of full costumes. It was very busy when I visited, which was a shame because it is a lot more pleasant to view portraits without loads of people in front of you, but I guess with such a popular exhibition this is difficult to avoid...
The exhibition also features sculptures and most impressively, real examples of Tudor and Stuart clothing. These are almost all in fantastic condition, which I was not expecting at all, although some pieces have been reconstructed. My favourite piece would have to be the 1620's man's doublet, drawn below. The whole surface of it was delicately embroidered in bold teal and brown.
Overall, the exhibition is a good overview of Stuart fashion, with a bit of Tudor in there too. I learnt a lot in my short visit, I'm sure any visitor would. I will definitely be buying the catalogue soon, as it is makes a good collection of reference material, excellently presented and explained.
"In Fine Style" is on at The Queen's Gallery, London until Sunday, 6th October 2013. Click here for more details and to book your tickets.
As a preview for those who haven't yet been, here are my notes and drawings from my visit:

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