Sunday, 22 December 2013

Baileys Christmas Nutcraker 2013

This year Christmas adverts have taken over - thirty second videos are no longer enough, and many companies are paying millions for actual short films to promote their Christmas spirit. Advertising is becoming a real art form in itself!

My favourite advert of the 2013 Christmas season (actually, my favourite advert ever!) has to be the Baileys Nutcracker - it is just so beautiful!!! Graceful ballerinas, beautiful dresses, fairies, princes, pirates, ice queens, what could be prettier?!

The two-minute piece directed by Ringan Ledwidge features choreography by Benjamin Millepied and stars dancers from the Royal Ballet, in a romantic reworking of Tchaikovsky's traditional festive ballet. The stunning visuals were created by amazing designers and craftspeople with celebrated histories in film: set by Sarah Greenwood (Pride and Prejudice, Atonement), costumes by Rosa Dias (who has worked on many beautiful commercials!)

Luckily for us behind-the-scenes people, there's a 'making-of' feature!

This advert reminds me of the collaboration between Vivienne Westwood and the English National Ballet to rebrand the ballet company. It is great to see ballet coming into the glamorous and artistic spotlight of fashion, film and editorial photography. The beautiful, fantasy quality of all these art forms combined is magical!
“What I like about the chance of making these short films is you have a very short period of time, a very focused period of time, to be able to tell a story and make everything work, which is an incredible challenge” - Benjamin Millepied
It is in short films and adverts that visuals are so important - they must convey character and narrative swiftly, to ensure that the audience grasps the concept as quickly as possible. For this Nutcracker piece, this meant using iconic costumes, for example the Nutcracker's red and white suit, but with a modern twist to bring it all together and into the 21st century.

Behind the scenes photography by Will Morgan, see more at 'Creative Review'.

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