Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tudor Costume - Patterns and Plans

I've done a few drawings as a plan for how I will make the Tudor man's costume. I will make the doublet and jerkin in one, and the trunkhose as another garment...

I will start by making the jerkin park of the top costume piece, in black with slashes showing white underneath (top two sketches). Then I will construct the sleeves (shown in the bottom sketch) and add ruffs and cuffs. 

I have chosen to work from the pattern on p 96 of 'The Tudor Tailor' by Ninya Mikhaila and Jane Malcolm-Davies, which I will alter here and there (mostly to the trunkhose panes and I'll add a short puffy oversleeve) to make it more accurate to the costume depicted in the painting. It is a very good starting point though as the shapes are pretty similar.

To learn more about the incredible wall paintings that are inspiring this Tudor costume, you can visit the Much Hadham Forge Museum in Hertfordshire: www.hadhammuseum.org.uk

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