Friday, 30 May 2014

'Nosferatu' - Film Unit Collaboration Project

I am very nearly at the end of my second year at London College of Fashion, already. This year has both flown by and also gone very slowly, if that is even possible! The second year on the Costume for Performance course is very intense, with 18th Century Menswear (see my finished costume here) and an internship term. Our summer term is filled with a collaboration unit, much like our project in Year 1, Term 3 (my Irma costume) and this time the text is the 1922 film, 'Nosferatu'. Our task is to design it as if it were to be remade by a contemporary director - we chose the ever fabulous and fun Baz Lurhmann!

The character I am designing for is Knock, reinterpreted as a woman. Our production is set in the late Victorian era, with a suave and seductive Count Orlock and an insane Knock, imprisoned in an asylum for hysterical women. I have been researching Victorian underwear, asylums and the concept of hysteria, as well as the treatment of those labelled 'lunatic' in the 19th Century.

Here are a few images of my research so far. I have another week to finish my costume, and then I'll share some photos of it here...

My references up on the wall, ready for designing
My initial, rough design
My design after developments
So my costume consists of a chemise/underdress, bustle, petticoat and corset, all very very broken down. I am really looking forward to seeing how my costume progresses this week, it's currently at the stage where it is all coming together very quickly... And my partner Lily's wig, prosthetic and make-up work is stunning, so all in all I am feeling good for this outcome! Fingers crossed...

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