Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tudor Costume - Panes and a Fitting

I guess it is a good sign when you are working so hard on your projects that you don't actually have time to blog about them... although I do feel guilty for being two weeks behind on updates about the Hadham Tudor costume. Since my last update, I have done two fittings and many changes, here are a few photos. The model is my wonderful dad, who really didn't need much convincing to get dressed up!

Making up the trunkhose panes - I used some vintage gold fabric and trimmed it with gold silk dupion. I think the colours work really well together! And are very close to the original painting, most importantly! After making up 20 panes, I constructed the legs open and flat as shown above, then put the two legs together. 

And the first glimpse of the costume coming together! 

I had a fitting previously to get the size of the trunkhose right, but I still had them too big here... I had plenty of alterations to do, including changing the shape of the panes to better reflect the way they are in the painting, but other than that I am very happy with how it is so far! I have since made these changes and hopefully will have many more photos to post very soon.

At the moment I am also working on a Victorian costume for my university project, 'Nosferatu', as well as planning next year's final year projects and dissertation (!!!). I have a few other projects that I will hopefully be able to post about soon too...all in all I have plenty to share, let's hope I have some time to write everything here very soon! :D

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