Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Woodland Waiting Staff - 2 Temple Place

Over the last few weeks, I have been designing and making woodland themed waiting staff costumes for the Quorn Hunt dinner at 2 Temple Place, with catering company Simpkin & Roses.

The theme was woodland, ivy and woodland sprites, so I wanted to transform the waiters into magical, mysterious creatures wearing all the beautiful things you would find in a forest. 2 Temple Place is an amazing Gothic style building in London, so I wanted the designs to work with the medieval theme and dark brown colour scheme there as well.

We also made table decorations to carry the theme through to the setting...

It was great time making things I had never done before and that were totally different to what I'm doing at LCF at the moment. We had a lot of fun with spray paints and glitter, and I think at one point there was enough fake ivy to make an entire forest! The headdresses are really beautiful with the intricate flowers and gold shimmer. I love how the make up colours blend so well with the costume pieces as well. 

Thank you to Stefanie Kemp for organising the make up team: Molly Peters, Ciara Doyle, Amy Cuppage, Ellis Yates, Alice Jessop, Stacie Smith, Grace Fisher. On the costume side, thank you to the wonderful Sanya Torkmorad-Jozavi for her endless help, Emma Corck, Cara Holding, Lara Warden, Eva Roelfs, Winnie Yeung, Stella Herold Kline, Koshy Brahmatmaj. Thank you everyone for giving up their time while we were all going slightly crazy with our uni work!!

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